Service Experience Current Projects

Health Care services

Island residents can now get help applying for a PEI Health Card and other health related services (registering for virtual healthcare and the patient registry) at Access PEI locations across the province. 

Building Permit Improvement Project

We are undertaking a process improvement project to reduce turn around time for Land and Development and Building Permits. This project involves collaboration between three departments:

  • Agriculture and Land
  • Transportation and Infrastructure
  • Environment, Energy and Climate Action

Skip the Waiting Room Scheduling Tool Utilization

  • To make booking appointments for the Free Equipment programs, Service PEI partnered with Thinking Big to create a user-friendly tool to simplify online bookings and client communications. Skip the Waiting Room is used for Free Equipment appointment bookings, as well as a notification system at the New Access PEI site in the Royalty Crossing mall. Skip the Waiting Room helps us to improve the customer service experience within our in-person sites.

Know Before You Go Initiative

The Know Before Initiative is a project that would ensure that Islanders are aware of what they need before arriving for various services at our Access PEI sites. Through partnership with Thinking Big, we are working on an online tool that keeps Islanders informed so that they can receive seamless customer service with each visit.

Increased Process Development Within a Centralized Knowledge Management Tool (ProcedureFlow)

Service PEI has invested into a new program called Procedure Flow, which should help streamline services in all Access PEI sites. Procedure Flow ensures that all staff have access to the most up-to-date information and processes for all our deliverables, which gives our clients consistent service at all of our locations.

Program Enhancement, RFP Creation and Administration Support for Income Qualified Free Equipment Programs

EECA Business Programs Efficiency Project

We are working with various Divisions and Departments to review all energy efficient programs that are targeted at businesses, non-profits and communities. This is to ensure that they are easy to understand and easy to access.