Service Experience Past Projects

POS Energy Efficient Equipment Rebate

  • The Energy Efficient Equipment Rebate program allows Islander to receive a discount on various energy efficient equipment options for their home. The original program had a 72% application error rate, leaving clients frustrated that their rebate was on hold for longer than necessary. In collaboration with the Department of Environment, Energy and Climate Action, Service PEI went through a Lean Six Sigma red tape reduction process. The hopes of this was to create a much more accessible and easier to understand rebate program for Islanders. Service PEI was able to change from an application-based rebate to a Point of Sale one, taking the burden off the client and becoming the direct point of contact with contractors.

Free Energy Efficiency Equipment Program

  • Service PEI was able to help create and implement the Free Heat Pump Program (which eventually expanded to Free Insulation and Free Hot Water Heater), to all eligible income qualified Islanders. Through collaboration with the Department of Environment, Energy and Climate Action, we have been able to assist with the administration and approval process of the program. Service PEI is in constant communication with the client, informing them on where they are in the process, when they are approved for installations, and contacting contractors on their behalf.

Electric Vehicle Rebate

  • Service PEI has had the opportunity to work alongside the Net Zero division, to create the most generous electric vehicle rebate in all of Canada. When Islanders purchase a PHEV or BEV from an Islander dealership, they can get $2500 - $5000 off (respectively). If a brand new fully electric vehicle is purchased, Islanders may be eligible for an additional $5000 from the Federal Government. Service PEI has been managing the administration aspect of this program and the shipment of Level 2 chargers. Within the first year that the program was launched, 455 Islanders have been eligible and received the rebate.

Electric Bike Rebate

  • Islanders are eligible for $500 off a brand new electric bike. The bike itself can be purchased on an on-Island store, or online. Service PEI has been key in the creation, and the administration of this program.  Our staff have been handling the intake and approval of the program, making sure that both client and merchants are receiving the rebate owed in timely fashion. Since April 1st, there have been 429 electric bike rebates administered.